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RemoteDataset(inputs: List[], labels:, name: Optional[str] = 'RemoteDataset', description: Optional[str] = 'RemoteDataset', privacy_limit: Optional[float] = -1.0, identifier: Optional[str] = '')

Class variables

description: Optional[str] :

identifier: Optional[str] :

inputs: List[] :

labels: :

name: Optional[str] :

privacy_limit: Optional[float] :

Instance variables

input_dtype: torch.dtype
The input dtype of the tensors stored
nb_samples: int
The number of samples in the RemoteDataset

BastionLab reference to a PyTorch (tch) Tensor on the server.

It also stores a few basic information about the tensor (dtype, shape).

You can also change the dtype of the tensor through an API call

Instance variables

dtype: torch.dtype
Returns the torch dtype of the corresponding tensor

identifier: str :

Returns the torch Size of the corresponding tensor


to(self, dtype:Β torch.dtype)

Performs Tensor dtype conversion.

Args: dtype: torch.dtype The resulting torch.dtype